Welcome to my blog. In this life and time, we occasionally find ourselves in need of different things, some of which not even money can buy. In this blog post, I have compiled seven highly valuable things in life that we can’t buy.

7 Precious things that money can’t buy!

Throughout a human life, there are things that are very important such that if one misses them, his/her life becomes miserable. They feel isolated and their lives go wrong in a way. These things are essential for every human being to grow and develop in a good way acceptable by the community, as well as to fulfill the will of our creator. They help one grow physically, emotionally, socially as well as spiritually. They lead to one sharing what they have, ensuring proper nutrition, planning, hard-work and dedication to achieve a dream as they give you hope for a new day.

These things help a person’s life well if they are catered for in the right way. Let me take you through the seven essential things that we should learn to have and use well to make our life better and productive.

1) Time.

This is the first thing that is of great importance in the life of every individual. Time is given freely by God as human life. The creator controls our life where biological processes take place in our bodies as a child grows to an adult with time.

Human growth is a must as one must grow old and bigger in size as time passes and is common to all human beings. Development is also a must but differs from one person to another. It may be due to difference in growing backgrounds and access to opportunities at different times.

One should always seek to develop and all he/she need is to plan and use their time well as we become more ambitious in drawing their goals and objectives. Decisions should also be made wisely and with regard to the impacts to follow so that they can lead us to great outcomes. And remember what a wise man once said, ‘time wasted is never recovered.’

2) Happiness.

This refers to the feeling of contentment and pleasure. Everyone deserves to be happy through our lives. It is a situation free from stress and distractions such as conflicts/disagreements. We feel happy when we succeed in something that we had greatly anticipated for.

Happiness is one of the best feelings that we need to have in order to live strong, healthier and longer lives. However, it has no monetary value that we can call its price. This means that it’s never bought with anything. It remains our responsibility to ensure we live happily as we instill this feeling to those around us too.

3) Friends.

A friend is a person whom one has a bond of mutual affection, normally exclusive of both sexual and family relations. It’s a person with whom you help each other, as you share your items, feelings and ideas. A friend is a very important person in everyone’s life. They help in times of difficulties as well as happiness. They are free to share anything with each other.

A friend should be chosen very wisely. Choose a friend who has some common interests and characters with you. One who will never fail you or mislead you. One with behaviors acceptable to the society, hardworking, optimistic and visionary; if you want to proceed well in life. Never wish to lose an optimistic friend.

If you come across a pessimistic friend, it may be your will, but trying to change them may not always bear good fruits. Sometimes you may find it better (from your conscience) to shake them off and proceed well thereafter with your optimistic life. Do it and probably you will be amazed with what you will have done.

Never wish to lose an optimistic friend. If you come across a pessimistic friend, it may be your will, but trying to change them may not always bear good fruits. Sometimes you may find it better (from your conscience) to shake them off and proceed well thereafter with your optimistic life. Do it and probably you will be amazed with what you will have done.

4) Dreams.

These are the series of thoughts, images and sensations about the future which occurs in a person’s mind. They are visions of what we will achieve in the future. We should have great dreams because I believe, ‘what your mind can conceive, you really can achieve.’

Dreams/visions are not bought, but made by individuals through creative and critical thinking. They have the potential to redesign our future with better livelihoods. And therefore, the great the dreams, the great our future will be. It’s our duty to set our dreams to the highest level so as to achieve the maximum.

5) Hope.

This describes a feeling of expectation and desire mostly based on rightful things. We expect that something good will happen or desire to get to some better position than we currently are. This is the feeling of hope. It is very essential in our lives as it motivates us to perform activities expecting to get good results. It motivates us to stick to the very same goal in a believe that we will eventually succeed.

Hope is another essential that may never be bought or sold as it is generated by our minds and soul. And this makes it clear that we should hold hope that we will succeed in our projects and plans. Failure to this, we end up giving up and leaving our projects incomplete, thus no gains. If not there, create and maintain hope of a prosperous life and a successful one.

6) Love.

It refers to an intense feeling of deep affection towards someone. It also describes the deep romantic or sexual attachment to another person. It is always from deep in the heart of a person that love is composed and maintained. It is an unexplainable feeling that cannot be purchased with any amount of money.

From the beginning, remember God created us from love, and requires us to love one another as we love ourselves. Love calls for oneness, harmony, peace and respect to all human beings. When love is present, no person will go hungry or suffer from mistreatment by others. We should promote love to all without exceptions so that all of us can enjoy a happy life.

7) Health.

This is the final thing in my list that may not be bought by money. It refers to the physical well-being of an individual. It explains the state in which a person is free from illness or injuries, both physical and mental.

Good health is attained through ensuring balanced diets and more fruits when we take our daily meals. This mostly has the potential of preventing and minimizing the effect of various diseases and infections. Before taking diseases to the hospitals, we should play this important role of trying natural fruits, vegetables and others that have the potential of preventing these diseases. May be this way we can maintain our good health.

All these things are very precious in our lives and we should maintain them to enjoy the best life on this earth. When absent, we should try as much as possible and ensure we bring them to existence, then maintain and share with our brothers and sisters for better life.

NB: However, these things may differ from one individual to another mainly as a result of different human perception, norms, behaviors as well as decisions.

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