2 Main Reasons Why Your Website Has Zero Traffic

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Website traffic is a fundamental source of any online businesses’ income; in fact, that’s how websites make money. However, according to one study more than 91% of all web pages on the net are receiving zero traffic. Of the remaining 9% of the site’s studies, only 5.7% of the pages reviewed ranked among Google’s top-10 list.

Now that’s alarming!

The root cause of getting zero web traffic.

Actually, there could be hundreds of issues that prevent your web pages from ranking higher on Google. But when you drill down to the most common denominators – there’s just two of them. So, let’s focus on those two for a moment:

1) Lack of backlinks pointed to the page

A clear trend – The vast majority of pages don’t get any search traffic, AND the vast majority of pages don’t have any backlinks.

And there’s more! The more referring domains or backlinks that a website/page had, the higher organic traffic they have, and that high amount of referring domains also resulted in a greater number of ranked keywords.

2) The site/page doesn’t target (or focus) a topic/subject that has enough potential for drawing web traffic.

Some pages had tons of backlinks, so you’d expect they’d have a traffic jam of visitors lining up to visit them? Well, surprisingly, despite the huge number of backlinks, many of those sites received little to no traffic through Google searches! So, why was that so? Some manual digging – and 2 issues are found:

•    Many of those sites ran afoul of Google’s strict SEO rules, and when they got penalized by Google, all hopes for getting traffic are broken.

•    Secondly, the content they had on the pages didn’t target subjects or topics that people were generally searching for. Clearly, if web surfers aren’t interested in the material contained on your website/pages, you’ll never rank high in organic searches, which means zero traffic for you! that’s why you need to look for keywords that have a high number of searches and fewer results on the net. To do this, the Semrush Keyword Search tool could be of great assistance.

In conclusion, getting even a huge amount of backlinks might sometimes not be enough for you to rank high up in Google’s rankings! You need to ensure that your content is what people are searching for on search engines. This will help a lot in boosting your website traffic and that means more potential income for you.

Make sure you avoid both of the mistakes to avoid zero traffic!

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