The 3 Superb Pinterest Hacks To Insanely Boost Your Blog Traffic

Pinterest for business. Boost blog traffic with Pinterest. Increase Pinterest views.

Are you searching for the best way to use Pinterest to boost your blog traffic? In this post, I reveal the best Pinterest hacks that will explode your Pinterest views, click-through rates as well as increase traffic to your blog.

Pinterest is a very powerful tool and the only one of its kind, where your content lives forever. Don’t be surprised if you see a certain pin ranking at the top of any specific keyword, besides the publishing date being several decades ago. Yeah, it’s true. And this pin keeps sending new traffic to the site linked to it. Now, would you like yours to be as such?

If you want to be successful on Pinterest and turn it into a traffic-driving machine for your blog, there are several strategies, which you require to implement in order to grow your follower base, repins and blog traffic easily and quickly.

I just started testing the Pinterest strategies from Anna – The She Approach, and I am seeing good results on my Pinterest views, followers as well as blog page views. I composed this article to share with you what works best and fast so that you won’t waste your time on things that don’t work.

If you implement all of them, these strategies will help you grow your business with Pinterest. But you can also test them one at a time and see what works best for you.

1. Invest in Keywords

Is it really necessary to optimize my Pinterest pins? Yes. In fact, it’s VERY important. Most people mistake by thinking that Pinterest is a social network rather than a search and discovery tool. Now, Pinterest being a search tool like Google will need you to place your keywords well so that your pins can show up in the search results.

One thing I’m sure is that 1,000’s of people are searching for whatever you’re offering and you undeniably need to present your pins in front of them. This one simple thing can get traffic to your site every day.

•    Research for targeted keywords and discover what people are actually searching for on Pinterest.

•    Include these keywords in your profile, pins and board description.

2. Join Group Boards

This is another amazing way to grow your Pinterest followers, repins, views and blog traffic.

If you want to gain influence on group boards, the key thing is coming up with a pinning strategy.

•    Pin Daily – Include your own pins and those with a high repin rate on your own boards.

•    Repin pins from other Pinterest members regularly to maintain a high-ranking board.

•    Pin as much as you possibly can. Space them out and ensure you follow the board rules.

Now, to find great group boards to join on Pinterest:

•    Be a snoop! Check what group boards the top influencers in your niche have joined.

•    Check out this list of over 25 Pinterest group boards to join if you are a blogger or creative entrepreneur.

•    Board Booster has the top 100 boards in every category on Pinterest.

•    You can also try your fortune at

3. Pin Daily

When you pin something, Pinterest always recommends you some boards or pins that you might like too. This happens to everyone on Pinterest.

If you are an active pinner, Pinterest will reward you by recommending your pins and boards to other users with similar interests. This means that you should try to be as active as you can.

How can you maintain your activeness on Pinterest? Do you have to keep pinning throughout the day? No, the best solution is to automate everything.

You can do this using either of the two popular automation programs – Tailwind and Board Booster. These can help you to repin your older pins, automatically pin to all your favorite boards. At the same time, you can just schedule your pins to the specific boards and forget them. They’ll be pinned where you set them at the particular time.

You can test both of the automation programs and see which one suits you better.

With the help of these strategies, you can grow Pinterest views and blog traffic. Follow them and after 1 month, you’ll begin to see great change when you visit your Pinterest analytics.

To grow your Pinterest skills and grow your business with Pinterest, go ahead and check The She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible. It has helped many people (including me) and hopefully, it can greatly help you. Thank me later.

You can also check Anna’s secret to increase your blog traffic here.

Pinterest for business. Boost blog traffic with Pinterest. Increase Pinterest views.