How to Get Targeted & Highly Converting Traffic on Your Affiliate Website/Blog

The following tips will help you drive targeted traffic to your affiliate products’ reviews:

Get targeted traffic for your affiliate review pages

1. Create great content

Ensure that you dedicate enough time and effort to craft truly resourceful and incredible content. When the post is engaging and attracting, adding a buy button at the end will be beneficial to the readers, rather than being harmful. In addition, great content has the potential to influence more visitors into buyers, thereby earning you more revenue.

2. Practice operational SEO techniques

It is necessary to utilize good and effective SEO strategies in order to drive quality traffic from search engines. To rank among the best results links in the search engines, you need to use more keywords naturally within your great content. Long tail specific keywords tends to rank higher than one-word or short keywords.

To enhance the ranking, consider skyscraping where you find the best content for your specific keyword and use it to create your own. Make it unique and better than the original by expanding the topic or covering the areas that might be missing from the original content. High ranking on search engines means more targeted and potential consumers of the products you are reviewing.

3. Paid Promotion

As soon as your affiliate marketing business begins picking up, you can start practicing paid advertising. In the end, conversions are all that matters and it doesn’t matter where the traffic come from.

Most successful affiliate marketers pay to get traffic through platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, among other advertising networks. I recommend using social networks and search engines to get traffic to your promotion pages.

When you use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, you get a high chance to:

  • Get targeted audience for your webinar.
  • Grow your email list.
  • Increase your sales.

The best PPC advertisement is promoting sign-ups to your mailing list or webinar. This is because, once you have the emails, you can regularly inform the subscribers of new posts and product reviews. You can even put them on an automated email sequence designed to encourage them to buy the products you are promoting. Email marketing can earn you tons of dollars when integrated with affiliate marketing.

Wise note: Engage in PPC advertising only if you have a way to get back your money.

Wise Note!

4. Promote products that you would purchase

It can be extremely difficult nearly impossible to persuade your audience to buy something that you yourself would not like to purchase. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to promote products that you are passionate about or somehow interested in. This will help you to come out clearly and give your audience comprehensive information and benefits of the products you are promoting. Then, make the review as engaging as possible and coax the readers/viewers to purchase the products.

Once you have traffic, you will start directing sales through the affiliate links and you will be rewarded for it. For every sale you make, there is a certain percentage of share that will be given to you by the merchant, may be through the affiliate network(s). The more the traffic, the more the sales you can potentially make and therefore, the more the revenue. So, focus on driving traffic to the review videos, webinars and the webpages you created.