How to Get More Views and Traffic to Your Site: 10 Best Tips

Getting more traffic to your website is very crucial to ensure you make money from your site and build a wider audience for your posts. Once the traffic has reached to your site, they can help you earn through ads from Google AdSense, as well as purchase the products or services you are promoting. If you want to get more website traffic and views, follow these simple tips.

How to increase website's traffic
How to increase your site’s traffic.

1) Make the search engines easily notice your content.

For your post to be indexed by search engines including Bing and Google, you need to set the privacy settings to be visible. There are numerous ways to increase the visibility of search engines in search rankings, such as wise keyword selection and usage. In addition, having high quality content with several appropriate keywords/tags will enhance your ranking. Get more knowledge from these SEO marketing tips.

2) Distribute your new posts on various social networks.

Share your posts across all of your social networks with attractive titles and comprehensive valuable content. You can use stunning images to encourage more people to click the link and find out more. All social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. can bring you good traffic. Check this post to find out the best social media marketing tactics to boost your traffic.

3) Connect with your genuine friends.

Encourage your family and friends to read your posts. Ensure you inform them on new publications and discuss it with them when you meet physically. Also, inspire them to follow your blog through email or using the Follow Blog Widget (for WordPress users). It is better to have a small group of people that you care about than a million visitors who you don’t even know.

4) Use email marketing.

You can build a list of email subscribers to whom you keep sending notifications when you have published new helpful content. You need a targeted list so that the subscribers do not get mad when you send them these notifications. And don’t send too many emails to prevent opt-outs. Instead, send them occasionally, specifically to inform them of a valuable post that can offer them solutions to their problems. You might also send weekly newsletters, top five posts of the week, and occasionally some promotional emails. By including the links to your posts here, you get high chances of more traffic.

There are various email service providers that allow you to send bulk emails, including Mailerlite, GetResponse, Aweber, and xMails, among others. I recommend xMails that is reasonably priced, provides you with numerous templates and allows you to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers. Check the full review here!

Also, these best email marketing tips can help you to enhance your email opens and clicks.

5) Use the right tags.

Include the proper tags and categories in your posts to make it easy for people to find these posts in the WordPress Reader and SERPs. However, do not use too many of them per post, a good number may be 15 and below.

6) Read and comment on other blogs.

Explore the net to find great sites and blogs related to your niche. You can go ahead and subscribe to these sites to understand them better. After reading a good valuable post, drop your comment in the form provided. You can include your website’s link at the end of the comment to make it easy for people to find you. You can get some clicks there too.

7) Link to other sites and blogs.

Blogging allows you to engage and interact with other people in online debates and forums. Bloggers are most likely to realize when you link to their posts through their stats, Pingback or Technorati. They can come to your site to see what you said about them, leave a comment and even subscribe to your website.

8) Blog frequently.

When you blog more regularly, there is high probability that you will develop a larger audience faster. Motivate yourself to keep working on your blog so that it can reward you with increased incomes. Check out these tips to help you improve your productivity.

9) Use paid advertising.

Various advertising sites allow you to promote your posts to reach huge numbers of people.  Facebook ads allow you to select the demographics of your target audience. There are many others that offer the advertising space at reasonable costs, including Google Ads, PR Newswire, LeadsLeap, etc. Paid adverts assist you to get wider distribution of your posts and feedbacks.

10) Do not overwork, be patient and never give up.

To succeed in your mission of getting more traffic that is loyal to your site, it requires time; it doesn’t happen in a nightshift. Do not get discouraged by slow growth even after doing all the above. Most successful bloggers and affiliate marketers have been doing it for many years, so stick with yours and don’t lose hope. When you feel exhausted, take some rest and engage in leisure activities to relax your mind and body. Then you can go back to work again. If you are persistent, soon than later you will enjoy the fruits of your work.

If you do all the above things, it’s most likely that you’ll increase your site’s traffic and views. More traffic means more potential money. So, if you haven’t implemented them, now is the best time to do it.

Have you tried these tips (or even others)? What worked and what failed? Share your reply in the comment form below. Also, share this post with your friends to spread the word. Don’t forget to subscribe to get instant notifications on fresh posts through email; I promise to be resourceful and helpful to you!

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