Email Marketing: 12 Best Tips to Enhance Your Email Opens and Click Rates

Sometimes we send emails to people and never get any response. Some of the receivers never even dare to open it, delete it or even mark them as spam. This could be a result of your email marketing practices, which may not be attractive enough to grab the attention of your audience. At the same time, maybe your subject lines do not call the audience to open the emails.

Welcome to email marketing!
Welcome to email marketing!

However, email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for distributing information to your prospects and website followers, provided you don’t mercilessly spam them. It helps you strengthen the relationship with your clients and followers, always reminding them to message you when they need.

There are three types of emails that you can send to your subscriber lists. First is marketing emails, which are educational and promotional messages sent to people who requested you to keep updating them such as clients, vendors, prospects, affiliates, reporters, etc. They can contain different types of content including newsletters, announcements, sales promotions, surveys, press releases, and follow-ups.

The second type is transactional emails, which are normally automated and sent as a result of certain visitors’ activities. They may include registration confirmations, welcome messages, received payments, order tracking, among others.

The last type of emails is operational emails. These emails carry essential facts regarding your business operations, including maintenance plans, holiday closures, and service plan or accessibility changes, among others.

Regardless of the type of email, it is good to optimize your email to attract more opens and click rates. With good email marketing services and tactics, you can improve your website’s traffic and generate more sales. Now, let’s dive into the tips to help you improve your email marketing efforts.

1) Build your email list

Email list building

No matter how many addresses you have in your email list, always try to add it even more. You can use signup forms on your website, blog, or anywhere else where you trigger your visitors to drop their email so that they get an added advantage. Obviously, it may not be easy to convince someone to give you their email if you are not providing value to them. So, try to come up with a free give-away or valuable info that will entice more people to subscribe. You can also add popup signup forms at different levels of page scrolling. If you clearly and precisely describe the value of subscribing, you are very likely to turn your visitors into subscribers.

2) Personalize your emails

At all times, try to add personal elements when sending out your emails. Make your recipients feel your presence by using a nice salutation that includes the recipient’s name. Ensure you use creative subject lines and personalized content. Be fast and efficient in responding to the subscribers’ email replies. You can also group your email lists into different categories of your audience and send them different versions of your email.

3) Provide high-value content

For effective email marketing, you need to give your audience something that helps or provides them with genuine solutions. To make them stick to your business, provide relevant information such as marketing messages about the products you are offering, operational info about the services you provide, or educational information related to your industry. This helps you build trust with your subscribers and your messages do not go to their trash folder.

4) Inspire your readers to reply

Email marketing enhances meaningful conversations between you and your subscribers. You should not just send them any information, rather one that helps them in a way. To ensure your audience opens the emails and enhance replies, ensure you use irresistible subject lines while speaking directly to your readers. Offer and promise something outstanding from other emails in their inbox.

In addition, ensure you use an amusing and unique voice to make it sound real and caring, rather than a machine-generated message. Always send targeted emails by segmenting your lists according to different demographics and interests. This way, your readers are more likely to open and read the email, reply and even forward it to other friends and prospects.

5) Include exciting links with calls to action

Sample exciting CTAs
Sample exciting CTAs

Email marketing is mainly aimed at increasing traffic to a website or sales page. When there are no clicks to the pages, it means there are no customers. It is crucial to add visually eye-catching calls to action buttons with some text to inform the readers of an interactive opportunity to look at, such as Get it now! Learn more…! Get instant access! Download now! among others. Describe them well to entice your readers to perform specific actions.

6) Ensure your emails are mobile-friendly

Mobile friendly email template
Mobile friendly email template

Many people are using mobile phones in everyday activities, more than computers. According to reports, 66+percent of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets. It is therefore essential to optimize your emails for mobile and other small-screened devices. Ignoring this practice can make you miss out numerous clicks, and you don’t want that.

7) Make your emails look crunchy and clean

To some, this may sound very obvious. However, many people send emails that look like shoddy and outdated websites of the twentieth century. You should ensure your emails contain information relevant to the engaging subject title. Also, ensure that you use keywords relevant to your readers’ interests and use short paragraphs. You can use bullet points and illustrative images to ease skimming and a better understanding of your message.

8) Ease the opt-out process

Easy and straightforward call to unsubscribe.

Easy and straightforward call to unsubscribe(HubSport’s sample).

Always make it easy for your subscribers to leave the list. This may look as if you are declining the conversation, but it is a free will of the subscriber to stay or leave. It is better they sign out than flagging your emails as spam, as this could bring you troubles in the future.

9) Test the emails before distributing them

Before you send your emails, make sure they display properly on all devices and that they look exactly the way you want them to look. View them on Yahoo, Google, and, and using different devices. You can use tools like Litmus for stronger testing. In addition, make sure that all the included links and the personalization shortcodes work correctly. In case these look wrong, you will look very unprofessional and imprudent.

A/B split email testing
A/B email testing

At the same time, experiment your emails with different subject lines, body texts, calls to action, and even on different days of the week. You can run your own tests or use A/B split testing modules provided by most email tools to compare the results of various versions of your emails. This will help you realize the most engaging content type to your audience that attracts highest response rates.

10) Track your emails

Sometimes, results do not depend on the content type or platforms’ optimization. Always analyze your data to know the deliverability of your emails and the opening times. Such information can help you realize the performance of your emails. In case you use Google Analytics, you can tag emails with custom campaign tracking to see their rate of driving traffic on your website as well as the behaviors of the traffic they bring. This information can help you tailor your messages to people who will benefit from it.

11) Do not devastate your subscribers

Maybe you are anticipating to start using these tips in sending out as many emails to your subscribers as you can. However, be cautious how frequently you send your emails so that you don’t flood their inbox with promotional messages regarding all your offers. This may irritate them and even make them unsubscribe.

12) Prevent your emails from going to spam folders

Sometimes you construct your emails carefully and they still end up flagged as spam. First, ensure that your email receivers have opted into your email lists. Avoid overusing caps and exclamation marks. In addition, use properly formatted HTML codes in your emails so that the email service providers can handle them correctly. Test to ensure your emails pass through all filters before disbursing them. This way your emails will reach the inbox as soon as you hit the send button or when the scheduled time arrives.

Those are flawless tips for effective email marketing. Follow them and send your emails occasionally, only when truly important. However, succeeding in email marketing is not an easy task. It requires good planning and analyzing your data to adjust your campaigns. Effective email marketing attracts more traffic when done right, which attracts more sales and revenue. If you want to learn more about email marketing, start emailing now!

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